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Да, DW построен на "LJ-движке".

Но хозяева постоянно что-то вытворяют своё...

Вот выдержка из отчёта о последних серьёзных изменениях, случившихся 7.09.2010:

  • We've split the idea of "friends" into two new concepts. You now give Access to people to share your locked content and Subscribe to journals you want to see on your Reading Page.
  • You can import your personal journal including entries and comments from LiveJournal and some other sites based on LiveJournal code.
  • We've increased length-limits on usernames to 25 characters.
  • We've increased the length limits for entries to 300,000 characters.
  • We've increased the length limits for comments to 16,000 characters.
  • We've removed the word count limit for interests.
  • We've increased the size limits for polls made through the poll creator.
  • We've added another option on the "gender" field. Instead of "female, male, unspecified", the choices are now "female, male, other, unspecified".
  • We've renamed "Adult concepts" and "graphic adult material" to "NSFW" (short for "Not Safe For Work") and "18+" so it's clear what they are and what they do. Users under the age of 18 will not be permitted to view 18+ material under any circumstances. Users over 18 can select whether they want to view 18+ posts in their account settings.
  • We've completely reworked the system of "Adult Concepts". You can still optionally mark your posts as "18+" or "Not safe For Work", but other people can no longer flag up your content for review.
  • We now allow people to describe why they chose the particular adult-content setting they chose, so you can (for instance) say "NSFW for image of naked people" or "18+ for violent content", etc. This works for both individual entries and for your whole journal, so if you set your entire journal to 18+, you can make the click-through say "this journal contains frequent nude images", or whatever else you want....
И т.д. здесь.

Пример чувствительного различия с ЖЖ - размер поста. 300000 здесь против 65535 в ЖЖ.

Заметно, что работа идёт и во многом результат мне нравится больше.

Очень извиняюсь, что не беру на себя труд перевода.
Могу только порекомендовать гуглопереводчик.
Смысл можно понять.


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